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Right in the heart of Newfoundland, the Central region contains some of the best outdoor experiences to be found in the province.
Your perfect home base while exploring the heart of Central Newfoundland, Indian Falls Chalets is situated right at the entrance to beautiful Springdale.
    King's Point

    Humpback Whale Pavillion

    10 Km away

    World’s largest reconstruction of a Humpback whale.
    50-foot whale skeleton on display with interpretation video and signage.


    Glassy Beach

    5 Min. Away

    If your a sea glass lover you will love this beach! The site of a former landfill near Springdale, the small beach was covered in broken pieces of glass.

    King's Point

    The Alexander Murray Hiking Trail

    10 Min. Away

    The signature hiking trail in the Green Bay area and a significant tourist attraction with a welcome centre, and is comprised of 2200 stared trail.

    West Brook

    West Brook Ecological Reserve

    20 Min away
    This 10.74 km² red pine site is situated at the headwaters of West Brook. Red pine is Newfoundland and Labrador’s rarest indigenous coniferous tree species. Its numbers on the island are in decline, with only a few dozen stands remaining.

    Indian River Walking Trails

    1 Min Away

    Indian River Walking Trail is a 5.6km trail system which follows the beautiful Indian River, and features interpretive signage, bird watching, 15,000 acre estuary and waterfalls with a salmon ladder. You will experience biodiversity, encountering a salt water marsh, a river system as well as boreal forest.


    Springdale Wetlands

    5 Min Away

    15,000 acres of flourishing coastal estuary and one of the provinces most diverse ecosystems consisting of both terrestrial and aquatic species : Canada Geese, Salmon, Moose, Yellowlegs, Ducks, Berries, Hawkweed, and various other species.

    Discover what Central has to offer visitors, from hunting and sport fishing, hiking, whale and iceberg watching, sea kayaking, and so much more!

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